Exposed brick and concrete, high ceilings and open plan living, and an aesthetic that offers more than a hint of an industrial vibe - this apartment on the third floor of the Royle Building in London’s Hackney is one of those properties that falls into the ‘love at first sight’ category for me.



It's hard to beat this tactile combo of exposed brick and concrete.

This five storey red brick building was converted from a print works in the late 1990s and completed in 2000 to a design by Davy Smith Architects. This split-level apartment clearly has wonderful natural light, not to mention great views out over the Regent’s Canal.

The south-facing balcony overlooks the Wenlock Basin.

While open plan, there’s enough definition to the main living space to keep things interesting, and the current owner has added to this with the eclectic array of furniture that mixes references and periods. The overall mood feels unexpected, perhaps, for a contemporary loft space, and that's exactly why this interior works so well.

This generous one bedroom apartment has just under 900 sq/ft of living space.

If you’re looking for a factory or warehouse conversion, you want it to feel authentic; you want rugged materials and raw textures, and you want space and volume. This apartment has it all.


This property is being marketed by The Modern House. For more details, see the listing: themodernhouse.net/sales-list/royle-building/description/ Follow The Modern House on Twitter: twitter.com/The_ModernHouse Follow The Modern House on Instagram: instagram.com/themodernhouse

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