5 LONDON finds

5 London FINDS

I love the energy in London at the moment. Somehow it's grand and cosy and unpretentious all at the same time. A world city that has maintained its history and is open to innovation and creativity.

1: The Monocle Cafe, Marylebone

The area of Marylebone is mostly owned by the estates of two families. The shops have been curated to create a village atmosphere: less chain stores, more individual shops & small local brands.

The Monocle Cafe is located on Chiltern St and is small, calm and quiet. There are newspapers to be read along with good coffee and scrumptious cinnamon scrolls. In the cosy back room you can listen to the Monocle radio station.

2: Durrants Hotel, Marylebone

Durrants is in a beautiful Georgian building and the hotel has been in the same family for over 100 years. There are tea rooms and a little paneled bar where you can have a drink surrounded by antique guns and oil paintings.

Best of all when you stay there you can pretend you live in Marylebone and wander out to browse Daunt Books and visit the Wallace Collection...

3: The Corner Room, Bethnal Green

The Corner Room restaurant is located in Town Hall Hotel. Just up the marble staircase, worn by the footsteps of old councillors, is a hidden sunlit room where you can find fresh, lovely food.

4: LABOUR AND WAIT Shoreditch

An antidote to plastic- Labour and Wait is an inspiring store that sells functional yet beautiful objects for the home. Things that are heavy to the touch and that will stand the test of time.



Like Labour and Wait, which is just a few blocks away, Hostem deals with timelessness and quality. High fashion- mostly Belgian and Japanese designers.

The striking interior is designed by innovative James Plumb Studio - all dark and mysterious. Look for the secret door leading to an outpost of the Florentine pharmacy Santa Maria Novella...

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    So lovely story!

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    I'd live to visit these places one day... Good job!

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    cool finds! shared this with my friend who's currently studying abroad in London ☺️ hope to go there someday myself!

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    These are fantastic. Beautiful photos

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    Love all your recommendations!

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    Lovely ❀️

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    Looooved this, it was perfectly put together

  • sejkko

    Ingrid I totally loved your five finds!! Next time in London I will visit them all! Thank you so much for sharing this, hyper cool πŸ’–

  • ingridweir

    Why don't we have coffee at Monocle one day @sejkko?

  • ingridweir

    Thanks @tschang - looking forward to reading more of yours...

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    Beautiful images that have really captured a mood, and great, great finds... :)

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    I loved that.

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    Have to make a note of all of these places! (Someone just told me about Daunt Books... :)

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    It would just be a matter of synchronising! Wouldn't that be super cool. Thank you again for sharing this - already mentioned the places to my friends in London!

  • brighteyedbaker

    LOVE this! So many places to add to my London wish-list ❀️

  • MaylanasCloset

    You have captured my home town of London perfectly I used to live in Bethnal Green and have seen the dramatic change, what's great is it's character is still in tact. Thank you for your beautiful images β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  • ingridweir

    @sejkko - hoping to be back there in the New Year for a few months...

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    Thanks @copperline - your feed is beautiful

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    @kbasta - Daunt books is one of the great book shops.... I could spend ages in there

  • ingridweir

    Thanks @maylanascloset - I find London really inspiring

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    Thank you Ingrid - and likewise! :)

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    Such a lovely story. Gorgeous photography too!

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    Love this story!! Photography is stunning, beautiful and informative at the same time. I need to go visit these now...

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    Wow! Makes me wish we had more places like this on the east coast of the U.S.!! Beautiful pictures!!

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    Great finds and so beautifully captured! Great eye - I'm inspired!

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    Fantastic collection! Daunt Books in Marylebone is one of my favourite places

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    Well I guess I got new places to discover! :) thank you!

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    Love this story! Great tips for places I can visit on my next London trip! 😍

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