The life and times of a wildland fire


The days of chasing storms and following the smoke to the next assignment....

Packing that extra 25 lbs up the hill and carrying the fuel to go with it.

Being the first one into the fire area to cut out the line.

And the last one out cleaning it up.

Your goal throughout each day... getting home safe at the end of shift.

To survive - Your ego must go out the window.

Newtons Forth Law

The moment you think you are great sawyer. The instant you believe you can't make a mistake. The time you know you wont get hurt....... Is the exact moment Mother Nature will prove you wrong.

The fact is.......... Everything wants to kill you! The tree you are cutting-wants to kill you The snags around you - wants to kill you The fire you are on - wants to kill you The saw in your hand - wants to kill you

The key is.......

Don't let them!

Situational Awearness

The art of awareness- Constantly surveying your surroundings for the next thing that going to try to take you out!


Precision comes with experience, experience come from trigger time, and trigger time comes from doing the job.


Engagement comes from controlling your emotions and understanding your environment. Engage your mind on the task at hand and understand the human factors involved preventing 100% engagement.

Risk Management

Does the benefit outweigh the risk?

Trust Your Gut

Know your capabilities and never be afraid to walk away!

Share your experiences.....

We all make mistakes. Be the person that's big enough to share that mistake with those around you to prevent them from making the same!

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Trust me........

A sawyer was there to hear it.

Never stop learning.....

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