National Park

On October 3rd I packed my bags and loaded them in trunk of my car and with the company of my awesome dad I drove 582 miles north to beautiful Acadia National Park, with my expectation levels set very high I arrived at Acadia and it turned out that my high expectations were actually blown away by what I encountered and the people I met during this trip

The first day gave us bright blue skies

But then some clouds made their way into the scene and my eyes basked in the beauty before them

On our way to get something to eat I made this stop because; well how great is this view on the side of the road :)



Day two began through the winding roads of Acadia in search of fog and the sea

The shore, Rocks & the Fog

A lonely Bird

The Old Man and the Sea

Can you see him? The Old Man and the Sea

This is me! The Young Man & the Sea

On every turn the views at Acadia will take your breath away

A lonely orange tree in field of Pines



The fog & fall colors did not disappoint


Words cannot describe the feeling

Lone pine tree



The path around

Jordan Pond


Acadia National Park By @_JFphotography_

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