The Secret Abbey


San Fruttuoso

The Abbey of San Fruttuoso is located in Capodimonte, on the shores of a deep-set cove on the rugged Monte di Portofino coast. The architectural and historical charms of the Abbey are accompanied by considerable natural and scenic attractions, creating a wonderful combination, where nature coexists happily alongside the work of man. The origins of the complex are still shrouded in mystery. According to one of the best known traditions, the Abbey was built in the 8th century, when Prosperus, bishop of Tarragona, chose the bay as a place of refuge as he fled Spain following the Arab invasion, building a church there to house the relics of the martyr Fructuosus. The cult of the saint soon spread throughout Liguria, to the extent that he was attributed with special powers of protection for sailors. This is one of my favourite place all around Italy that's a #stelleritalia story.

This is Portofino from the top of the trek between the Abbey and the famous village.

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  • BakersRoyale


  • f3d

    @BakersRoyale thank you so much this place is awesome!!!

  • lamascaincucina

    My beautiful Ligurian landscapes! What I would suggest to add is Punta Chiappa seen from the path that from Camogli leads to Portofino.


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