homemade almond milk

I DON'T LIKE MILK That isn't to say I don't put it in my cereal, but usually just a splash. @jenniferlittle taught me how to make homemade almond milk though, and I'm happy to say that I REALLY enjoy it!

TO BLANCH: Cover 1 cup raw almonds with boiling water and soak them for 1-2 hours

After soaking, the almonds should pop right out of their skins with very little pressure.

Rinse thoroughly.

Place almonds in a blender with 1 medjool date and cover with 2 cups filtered water. Blend for 2 minutes.

Set a strainer on top of a bowl and line the strainer with cheesecloth. Pour almonds over the cheesecloth and allow milk to drain. Gather corners of the cheesecloth and squeeze the excess milk into the bowl.

Save the remaining pulp to make cookies, use in a smoothie, cakes....


Use your milk within 2-3 days!

Almond milk pairs well with hot tea!

A collaboration between J E N N I F E R L I T T L E @jenniferlittle + V I N T A G E W H I T E S @vintagewhites INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/vintagewhites www.instagram.com/jenniferlittle