Finding Winter

Roan Mountain

With heavy snow storms forecasted for the high elevations, we packed up and headed north in search of adventure and fresh powder.

From the parking lot at Carvers Gap we hopped on the Appalachian Trail bound for Roan High Knob shelter..built in 1933 it's the highest structure along the entire AT nestled in at 6,285 ft

Taking in the view as we search for signs of the trail after dumping nearly a foot of snow on the hike up that morning

Hauling loads and making our way to camp

Snow ➡️

Checking the conditions before nightfall as the storm continues to pound our shelter

Settling in for the night as we prepare to ride out the storm. As conditions worsened inside the drafty shelter, we set up our tent to add a few more layers of protection from the increasing elements

Making our way through waist high drifts and ferocious winds greeting our faces

Early morning starts by headlamp as we head north on the Appalachian Trail

Descending the alpine ridges we finally catch a glimpse of light and the mountains begin to show themselves @hikemoreadventures #hikemoreadventures

Stay tuned as we Find Winter

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