DIY PROJECT + GIFT IDEA |||||||||||||||||||||

— airplant — T E R R A R I U M

SUPPLIES |||||||||||||||||||||

vessel — sand, rocks, or soil — airplants (tillandsia or tillys: I love the selection at the etsy shops toHOLD and CTSairplants) — any additional decorative items (I used dried craspedia/billy balls, rocks, and my custom clay gift tags.) —

INSTRUCTIONS |||||||||||||||||||||

Once you’ve selected your vessel, the instructions are simple. Fill the container with the sand, making adjustments if you want any “valleys” or “mountains”. Place the airplants in the sand and add rocks or your decorative items in according to your taste. I went with more of a sparse, desert look, but these would be great coupled with ferns and moss for a woodland vibe. —

PLANT CARE |||||||||||||||||||||

bright, filtered light — mist with water once a week — submerge in water 2-3 hours every few weeks allow to dry completely before returning to terrarium vessel — more: —

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