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This May I up and did a mid-week mini break overnight stay out in Joshua Tree. The Airbnb rental was so spectacular that I ended up spending more time there than in the park (plus it was 100 degrees by 10 AM). This 1954 Homestead Cabin is so dreamy that I left mulling how to get one of my own. Until then I'm plotting to return this winter when the temps are cooler and I've a bit more time to spend wandering the park.

The cabin has been updated and renovated. I love the pink brick of the structure. So much of what makes it great though is the care the owners have put into the restoration. The decor is charming. With a sage bundle hanging in the kitchen the place feels warm and inviting. There is a small camper to the side but also another some ways away that is available for rent as well. I'm mulling trying that out and going a bit more rustic next time (it has an outdoor shower). Note, the road to the cabin was unpaved the last several miles.

I love this chair. When I was a little girl my great-grandparents had the exact same one. I'd sit on it every Sunday during supper. It was a sad day when my bum outgrew the seat. Seeing this one brought back so many lovely childhood memories.

Quail everywhere. They are fantastic. Noisy but a nice kind of noise. So fun to watch race back and forth across the dusty desert floor their little plumes bouncing away.

This was the view out the window when I awoke in the morning.

I really wanted to play with shooting at night. Joshua Tree is known for the spectacular night sky. Unfortunately it was cloudy, there is a light pollution in the residential neighborhood, and my skill level is basically crap with this...but I'm happy to keep trying. The moonrise is amazing. Totally missed it on film.

I am not a morning person but it is hard not to wake up to see the sunrise. First, it's the desert so as soon as the sun starts to peak over the horizon the house is alight with light. Second, it is so quiet and beautiful you just don't want to sleep through it.

I did manage to spend a few hours driving around and seeing sights inside the park. Because it was such a hot day and I had little time it was mostly drive, stop, take photos, and repeat. So many spots still on my to-do list as a result. And hikes! Must hike! In winter or spring when it's not sweltering.

It had been a few years since I have visited Joshua Tree. I was surprised to find how much the suburbs had built up around the area. It doesn't feel nearly as remote as it did upon my first visit. The upside of staying in airbnb rentals is that they are still slightly off the beaten path. Quite literally. Driving my Prius down unpaved roads to the Homestead Cabin was a bit like riding the Roger Rabbit ride at Disneyland. It was well worth it though. In addition to the Park there is a lot of BLM land surround the homes to go off and have a hike in. Just hike smart and pack lots of supplies. It's hot & remote & cell service is mostly nonexistent.

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