Fly Fishing Montana

A September Trip to the Boulder

The road trip started in Hood River, Oregon and stretched for 12 hours of American beauty.

Man on a mission


Snow greeted us on this late summer day. It was already becoming a special trip. My friends Brian, Zach, Neil and Arlen (my pops) were already hooked.

I grew up going to the Boulder River Valley located right above Yellowstone National Park. This was the first time I have experienced snow here as I primarily frequented in June & July.

The Natural Bridge Falls

A quick pit stop on the way to the fly fishing camp we were heading to.


Minutes after arriving

The snow left but still was pretty cold

Chapel at Clydehurst

We took a tour of the new chapel at the camp. Clydehurst has been around for a 100 years and has had the likes of Al Capone attend back in his heyday when the camp was the premier dude ranch in the west.


A River Runs Through It

We hit the Boulder for some amazing first day fishing. Fun fact. The camp was used for a base when shooting A River Runs Through It. The spot seen here was in the movie.

The camp's teacher was the legendary Gary Borger. Him and his son were the consultants on A River Runs Through It.

Gary's Son is the man on the Movie Poster.

Back to the Boulder

We spent 3 days on the river and in amazing classes and fellowship. It was a trip you never forget.

Zach hooking a cutthroat


We all hiked to a nice secluded stretch of pure bliss.

Another Rainbow

The whole river is a breathtaking masterpiece of God's handiwork.

They were hitting hard at sundown at the base of some falls

Heading out from the area, Brian stops to throw in a line.

Lower on the river the big Brown's play

A nice brown caught by Neil

Many fish were caught

Last Day

Big Creek

Our last day was spent on Big Creek located in Paradise Valley.

It was a fitting end to the trip.

Zach landed a beauty in the small " big" creek.

On the way home we stopped in Livingston Montana at Mark's In-n-Out.

Dad was pleased

Till Next Year

We had an amazing trip and a great time bonding as friends. Come join us next year. We really mean it.



Edwin Tofslie