Dawn In The Vineyards

❂ Sunrises in the heart of Provence, France

My parents are wine makers in Provence. The month of September is the moment for the grapes harvest. This year I was part of the team of harvesters, driving the juice from the vineyards to the vats (home). We are harvesting by night, to keep the juice fresh and prevent colouring and preserve aromas. All that to say that I have been admiring sun rises in the fields for a month. I tried to capture them with the only camera I had with me, my phone. ❂

I find it's hard to shoot my place, I grew up there and my eyes are used to all the sceneries. My inspiration is not stimulated by these landscapes that I know by heart. Last month a filter called dawn showed me how pretty it was to live in Provence. I took this road to go to school from 3 to 10 years old. ❂

I wasn't strolling and chasing pictures. I was working and you would have laughed at me hard if you saw me at these moments. Suddenly stopping my loud and heavy tractor in the middle of the track, running on the roof to get the shot like "dayum f*** it that's too pretty I need to get this". ❂

This story is showing up among stellers of Alberta, Grand Canyon etc... I'm very pleased to introduce you to my backyard. ❂

Cotignac is a wonderful charming village surrounded by a cliff with troglodytes. Above the cliff, two medieval watchtowers made of black stones are overhanging Cotignac. When you go up there, you're right above the village and the view is gold. ❂

In the morning, light is evolving so fast that you have to hurry if you want to grab the mystical moment. I have the feeling that dawn is shorter than dusk, prettier too though. ❂

❂ M E R C I

Everything was shot and edited with an iPhone 5. Instagram / Twitter / Steller →@nvmero www.nvmero.tumblr.com www.nvmero.com

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