in the Canadian Rockies

I had a big birthday to celebrate and my family asked me what I would like. I told them I would like an experience in lieu of things and they sent me off on a day of dog sled adventure that I will never forget.

One of the sled dog puppies came by to observe.


The dog sled crew told us that the dogs would be working hard for us so we needed to give them lots of affection and encouragement.

We stopped so the dogs could rest and they immediately jumped off the trail into the snow.

You say "Hike up" to get the dogs going and they snap into action excited to get back to the trail.

We stopped along the trail to give the dogs a much deserved rest. Our guide set to work building a fire and made us a lunch of bannock bread, bison jerky and maple syrup.

The last stretch of our trail took us across a frozen lake.

This is the closest I'll ever come to being a Bond girl. We stepped off our dog sled and said goodbye to the dogs as a helicopter dropped down on the frozen lake to whisk us off for a tour of the mountains.

Thank you for reading my story! Dog Sled tour courtesy of www.snowyowltours.com You can find me at www.orangegirl.com

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