We had recently lost our dog to cancer and thought we wouldn't get another dog. Then one day we saw our vet in a shop and she said she had recently rescued 6 puppies from Mississippi and we should come by and see them. Needless to say we had a new family member named Leroy Brown about an hour later.

Leroy's first day

The first week Leroy was here it was -40 outside. We worried about his paws so we went to the vet and picked up some booties. Leroy was not happy about our purchase.

Leroy made himself at home

Leroy was well received by our friends who had custom gifts made in his honour.

Hand carved woodblock painting by www.lisabrawn.com

For a dog from Mississippi Leroy really took to the snow.

Leroy kept himself busy digging snow forts.

This is a common morning scene .

Spring came and Leroy was up for any mountain adventure.

Soon it was summer and Leroy proved to be an excellent hiking buddy...well unless ground squirrels were involved.

When hurricane Katrina happened our vets wanted to find a way to help so they went down to give medical care to dogs in need and helped find homes for rescued dogs. They continue to volunteer their time spaying and neutering animals and bringing back dogs in hopes of finding them homes here. They told us they had a van full of dogs they had rescued and were on their way home. We met a few of the dogs and then they brought out this skinny dog with her head downcast named Rusty. My husband took one look at her and said if any dog needs love it's that dog. And that is how Mabel came to live with us.

Mabel's first day with us. Mabel was a stray but volunteers took her in and spent hours socializing her and trying to make her feel comfortable. She was a really shy dog but they took a chance and brought her to Canada to find her a forever home. We took to work to fatten Mabel up to a healthy weight.

Leroy and Mabel loved each other immediately. Together they each became more outgoing. They were each other's security blanket, more confident because they had each other.

They have been inseparable since that first day.

Leroy & Mabel's first walk together.

We were told that Mabel at first would only come close enough to find food but now she loves to cuddle and be close to us.

Mabel has a heart shape on one of her paws.

With Leroy as her companion Mabel grew confident and relaxed in our home.

Leroy & Mabel watching for squirrels together on summer vacation.

Leroy & Mabel are always up for a road trip.

Leroy's knees weren't genetically built right so the poor little dude had to undergo 3 extensive surgeries with long recovery times.

Mabel was Leroy's faithful companion while he recovered. Unless he was wearing the cone to stop him from ripping his stitches out, then Mabel was terrified of Leroy and ran away from him.

Leroy is now able to run and play with Mabel. They particularly love the snow.

Thank you for reading my story! www.orangegirl.com

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  • hirolla808

    O wow such a cutie!!!!!

  • saadsolaiman

    The first story I have read on Stellar. And it is absolute adorable. Wish you all happiness!

  • chockywoky

    Aww... What a sweet tale πŸ’—

  • mayanmartha

    I love the indoor dog house on page 47. Is it store bought or homemade?

  • ameliapresents

    I live in Mississippi- there are so many dogs here that need homes, thank you for giving Leroy a great home. Also, I used to have a dog named Mabel. I love that name.

  • MacClashy

    Totally awesome & sweet... My daughter & I are about to become guardians to an adorable Patter-Jack puppy called Jensen... I've been a little bit nervous due to never having been around dogs, but this story has given me confidence! Thank you xx

  • orangegirl

    Thank you for your kind words @liveworkwander !!

  • orangegirl

    Thank you @hirolla808 !!!

  • orangegirl

    What an honour @saadsolaiman thank you!

  • orangegirl

    @mayanmartha Our dog house is made by an Etsy artist in Seattle. She was lovely to deal with and they are beautifully made! We have 2 of them and they are our dogs favourite places to hang out. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/modernistcat?section_id=all

  • orangegirl

    Thank you @ameliapresents ! I love the name Mabel too, how sweet that you had a Mabel. I love that you write letters with your son. You have inspired me to write more letters!

  • orangegirl

    Awwww....thank you @MacClashy ! Enjoy your new family member Jensen!! Take LOTS of photos because it is surprising how fast they grow and change. I didn't grow up with dogs and was actually scared of them but they have made my life so much better because we give them 3-4 walks a day it means I get outside and see beautiful things. If I have a bad day and Mabel jumps up to cuddle with me it makes me feel better. They have made life even more enjoyable.

  • danielkyne

    You're photography is amazing! @orangegirl - This was the first story I read on Stellar and it is beautiful and heartwarming! You are blessed with two lovely dogs!

  • jude_magee

    What an inspiring story, two beautiful and happy dogs, it's lovely that they have found you and each other.

  • orangegirl

    Thank you dearly @danielkyne for reading my story and for your very kind words!

  • orangegirl

    Thank you @jude_magee ! What a beautiful kitchen you have. Your daughter is lucky to have you pass down your kitchen traditions.

  • anchy

    @orangegirl you make me smile on a very gloomy day...thank you :-) your dogs are beautiful <3

  • orangegirl

    Thank you @anchy! That is very sweet of you to say.

  • coppernotes

    I cannot even tell you how much I love this story. To have overcome your loss by giving a really loving home to these two... Wonderful (and I say that as a fellow dog parent). You have a beautiful family there :)

  • cwarsh

    Leroy and Mabel are adorable!! Love the pictures!

  • orangegirl

    Thank you dearly @copperline for your incredibly kind words. We had thought we couldn't get another dog but then we'd find ourselves standing at the front door feeling lost as our mornings had always started with a morning walk. I'm sure as a dog owner you understand the beauty of a morning walk.

  • orangegirl

    Thank you @cwarsh !!

  • MichaelOverbeck

    Beautiful images, and that's one cute dog!

  • coppernotes

    Yes, there are so many moments and times you'd feel a bit lost. For us, it would be all the beach walks and woodland walks, all the times we escape the city for Harris. He's changed what we do with our 'time out'. And none of those walks would ever be the same without witnessing his joy at being there. So yes, they change our lives for the better in so many subtle ways... :)

  • TheLilCharmkin

    ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ - that's a whole lotta love! Leroy & Mabel are BFF4EVR!

  • orangegirl

    Very well said @copperline ! I couldn't agree more.

  • coppernotes

    And this one @LifestyleEditor ... Love :)

  • LifestyleEditor

    @copperline Love this!!! Great story! @orangegirl

  • coppernotes

    @LifestyleEditor I know... beautiful story... good peeps

  • orangegirl

    Awwww.....thank you dearly @copperline & @LifestyleEditor for all of the lovely comments today!! πŸ’›

  • feniceny

    AMAZING !! Had tears in my eyes....

  • fabi_pereira

    Just loved Your history @orangegirl just adorable!!!!

  • orangegirl

    Awwwww thank you @feniceny !

  • orangegirl

    Thank you so much @fabi_pereira !!

  • ritakovtun

    heartwarming. I teared up during this 😌

  • narkibar

    What a lovely story

  • demipress

    Hearwarming story.

  • amsegurap

    @orangegirl so cute and beautiful :)

  • marij56

    Great story...fantastic that you've opened your hearts for these two beautiful peaches! We lost our dog too...after 13 years of pure joy together. Your story brings a smile to my face.... @orangegirl

  • Fonz_

    What a beautiful story


    Beautiful pics and beautiful story😊

  • lifeoutofbounds

    Wonderful story! Love Leroy and Mabel! Adorable kids! β€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸΆπŸΆπŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒŸ

  • CityTurtles

    What a beautiful story and gorgeous stars as well! 😘😘

  • SomeCatherine

    This is a wonderful story!! It brings me a big smile! Love Leroy and Mabel!

  • judithgee

    Beautiful story. Love the love you all share. πŸ’—

  • ForestandJen

    Wow beautiful loved the story. I have a question. The dog that you said was a stray from the hurricane? How did it become a stray? What happened to previous owners?


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