Cinnamon knots with raisins

Recipe for:

You start to understand that your rebel days are in your past when you choose baking over tequila.


Marta Greber

And you usually have all the ingredients at home

Baking is fun!

If you're home alone and feel like making something delicious just for yourself, check if you have:

flour yeast sugar salt olive oil I'm quite sure that you have water

Collect needed items

Combine ingredients and items

And start working on a dough

Knead it and form a bowl

Let it rest for about 30 minutes and it will grow for you

Now step after step start preparing your knots

Roll bit more

Bake in 200*C (400*F) for about 20 minutes

And this is what you get

Delicious knots just for you


For a whole recipe and more:



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