At last we were on our way to Kingston Hospital for the first of five Whose Shoes? maternity experience pilots in London #MatExp

Launch of Whose Shoes? Maternity Experience

The gestation period: 4 months. EDD: Est date of delivery: 17 Oct 2014 👪j

Those 4 months have flown by!

We had a tour of the maternity hospital - very welcoming!

We even picked up a few labour tips

Florence Wilcock, consultant obstetrician, has been a complete 🌟star🌟: the vision to embrace a creative approach and personality to drive positive change

🌟Similarly Kath Evans, Head of Patient Experience for Maternity, at NHS England🌟👪

Team effort!

Florence had tweeted excitedly when the packs of Whose Shoes? arrived

And Kath had even tweeted some of the new maternity poems

The cakes were amazing

Whose Shoes? cakes 😃

We arrived early to set everything up... About 50 people on their way...

Wondering how the new material will be received

My young friend Laura helped set the scene by telling her powerful maternity experience story. Courageous.

Thoughtful discussions about real issues

Recording the 'light-bulb moments' from the conversations is vital

Working out where the barriers are and how we can get round them

Lots of different perspectives

Great ideas emerging

#hellomynameis💜 Brilliant campaign by 🌟 Dr Kate Granger🌟

It was great to listen to the new Mums - and admire their babies!


With thanks to our #Banksymidwife Jenny Clarke 👏😃

No jargon please!

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People were very thoughtful as they wrote their pledges. What would they do differently as a result of our session?


Great pledges from Lisa, Head of Communications at Kingston Hospital

Florence shows off the pink shoe she has kept on her handbag since conception!!

Really positive summary from Fergus Keegan. Great to see senior managers getting involved!

Some excellent new connections made

Fantastic facilitation as always by Anna Geyer, New Possibilities

Awesome team!

We need to create space for these powerful conversations

Looking forward to our next session - Lewisham Hospital 21st November!

👯 Who would like to join us? 👯 👪🌟💥💜💥🌟👪

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    Gill this works really well, made me feel part of the event

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    Ooh, you can write comments! Thank you Carol :) x


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