New York City Vol. 3


Metropolitan station, Brooklyn

East Broadway, Manhattan

(And don't forget the harmonica)

Redemption song on the F train


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  • karen

    I love the guy on the cover! So great

  • mombo

    so cool

  • devin

    i always look forward to these! and yes, the cello player on the cover is incredible!

  • IanTan

    Great story! 👏

  • s2yed

    what story 😍😍❤️

  • bari27g

    Simply art!!

  • JHP

    how great! glad you compiled these for us.

  • onetosaveu

    I just love music. watching others play makes me happy. Thanks for making this

  • sophiegamand

    I have seen the redemption guy for sure. There was something so sad about him. The cello player is very good! Thank you for this fun piece 😊

  • mausco

    Music makes the world go around. Thanks for sharing this fantastic story! The cover video is amazing.

  • SavintheDay

    the little things we miss in are daily routine

  • tonivegara

    So great!!!

  • feniceny

    Love it all!! We ❤️ NYC!!

  • NYCGalleryGirl

    Thank you! And happy holidays! @devin

  • TakingBigBytes

    Omg this made me so happy!!!

  • rachel_hachem

    I love this so much X3 all these musicians are awesome!


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