Early autumn. Just when most of us thought that summer had faded, summer heat was still felt. It was also the driest September since record begun in 1960.

{ 1 } 'Gramming' at The National Gallery since it tookits 'No Photography' sign down.

{ 2 } Walked past the abandoned Aldwych Underground station many times but finally got a shot of it!

{ 3 } My first time to Arnold Circus, you find something new in this city every now and then!

{ 4 } Stumbled upon a classic car near my neighbourhood.

{ 5 } A year older, a year wiser!

{ 6 } Dinner at Polpetto with friends.

{ 7 } London as viewed from The Lloyd's building during London Open House event.

{ 8 } Bubblelicious!

{ 9 } I just couldn't help to be a tourist in my own city every time I walk past the landmarks.

Till next month...


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