The world is flat, The world is round. Once all the continents & countries were one. Pangea kept us connected.The big round world. Home to one enormous continent. In the oceans embrace, we were one.

I wanna Pound That thing You Ate. .

I fell in the Sarapiqui River. You fell Down. It is You who taught me: To appreciate the separation of Ocean An made of : The tears lies spill Earth has ways to keep us Alive. She fires, she tsunamis, she is lightening. She is weathering our gross wear

Separation hurts. The farther apart we become. The easier it is for weak man.the coward To fake courage. The oceans are a safe divide.

Wi -Fi ght

Connections gone Mad

Twisted & Disconnected

We are all A John. Some are dear and some are Men Only. We are apart in more pieces than Pangea could comprehend. Occupied. We wait.


End it the way it Began.

Keep your eyes open Mind your heart Watch your head

There is a shiney man in Key West He is the Best


The Hammer Falls. So easily.

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