MEMORYBANK is an ongoing series; like a time capsule, each story will contain all of the random fleeting moments i would want to remember if i ever lose my memory.



instagram: @DEVINCASTRO

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  • karen

    So good, Devin! The light + color + music ✨✨ love!!

  • devin

    @karen/ thanks so much, karen! my apartment gets such good light in the mornings, so i decided to put colored cellophane on all of my windows. 💫

  • crump

    Again...so beautiful!

  • devin

    @crump/ thank you kindly, my friend! :)

  • IanTan

    A lot to learn from your story!

  • matthewilk

    Omgg devin! That one of the translucent amber bowl! It blew me away! I wish I had that and could mount it on a windowsill and watch it track across my wall day in day out. It also looked like a magic egg that held the secrets of the universe! Great collection as always.

  • devin

    @iantan/ thank you, ian!

  • devin

    @matthewilk/ thank you so much, matthew! i was hanging out in my friend ryan's apartment, which had some amazing light during sunset. so he grabbed his various colored glassware and we experimented with its shadows and light. it was pretty stellar. :)

  • matthewilk

    Lol stellar

  • me_and_orla

    This is just heaven for the imagination & the soul

  • devin

    @me_and_orla/ thank you so much, sara! greatly appreciated. 💫

  • MdrnCountryLady

    Well I hope it does help when you lose your memory but it could also completely confuse you as you may wonder why you have kept these specific memories


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