My London Flat

Suzy Smith

When I was young, I dreamed of living in London.

I have wonderful friends who have always supported my creativity. I am incredibly grateful.

I started sewing at the age of twelve. After design school, I schlepped my designs all over, in hopes of "catching a break."

I love creating beautiful things, inspired from the past. I know you will find something to cherish.

I LOVE antiques. I bring home treasures in my second suitcase. ....and then I start creating.

I love flowers. Princess Diana, And antique belt buckles...

Princess Diana had incredible taste, and was a loving mother. I adored her.

I am a mother of two boys. They were born in London.

We lived in London for seven years.

Living in Europe inspired me. History and pageantry are impressive. I think women should wear ball gowns more often..

Princess Diana knew how to wear a ballgown. I met her the day this photo was taken. She shook my hand, I burst into tears. She giggled.

Im often stuck in the past. I wish I could have been the "Sabrina" looking in on all those fab soirees.

I'm back in America. I'm an Anglophile.

I think the Dowager Countess is brilliant. I like how she thinks. So I opened My London flat

The shop is in Houston Texas. Houston has more sunshine than London. (My shop has air conditioning that never stops.)

The shop is in a former convent. (Oh yes it is!) I like nuns . They gave me a great education. They can be VERY strict.

The response was overwhelming. lots of people queued up to get in.. (I'm being a bit dramatic)

I'm looking forward to your visit.

The formal room. Everything in this room is for sale.

This is the place where Princess Diana Meets Jane Austen.

I think Diana would love this necklace. I named a collection after her.

French cut glass belt buckle @1880, 12mm freshwater baroque pearls, Hand knotted on silk thread.

I think Jane would love this necklace. I named a collection after her.

English belt buckle, hand painted portrait on ceramic medallion @ 1900, 10mm freshwater pearls hand knotted on silk thread.

My grandmother was a class act. I miss her. My favorite collection is named after her,

The MaMere collection is designed with antique religious medallions. (My MaMere was a pro at prayer.)


100 years ago women had few shoes. (Can you imagine?) They fixed that dilemma with shoe buckles, to change the look.

French antique shoe buckles are transformed into necklaces.

French cut steel shoe buckle @1890, 10mm freshwater pearls, hand knotted on silk thread.

French cut steel child's shoe buckle @1880, 4mm Freshwater pearls,double strand.

Decisions can be challenging.

As my friend Elizabeth says: TDF

Find your "place" at My London Flat


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  • shelleydark

    I absolutely adore this book. I just love your attitude and jewellery. I'm going straight to your website!

  • MyLondonFlat

    Thank you so very much! Your comment literally made my heart sink!


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