419th Fighter Wing

Recently, two-time Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety visited Hill Air Force Base, Utah where he flew in an F-16 fighter aircraft.

The morning was spent instructing Ted on the basics of what to do in emergency situations, getting a medical check out, and fitting him in a g-suit and helmet.



Flight Medical Clearance and Physiology Training


The G-suit helps pilots combat the effects of the g-forces they are subjected to during high-speed maneuvering in the F-16. The F-16 is capable of pulling nine Gs, so the pilot's body weighs nine times its normal weight under those forces.

Flight Brief

Ted was visiting the Wing to not only get a flight in an F-16 fighter aircraft, but to bring attention to the Wing's mission, training, and the advanced capabilities of its fleet of fighters jets.

F-16 Block 40

Here he is all suited up and ready to go.

Pre-Flight Checks

ENGINE START 28,000 lbs of thrust


a 7G pull right after take-off

During the hour long flight Ted was able to experience high Gs, perform aerobatic maneuvers, and go supersonic.


End to a Great Day

Thanks to all the men and women of the 466 Fighter Squadron, 419 Fighter Wing, 388 Fighter Wing, and Team Hill for making this great day possible.

As a World Champion, Ted Ligety lives a lifestyle of 24/7 dedication to his sport and understands the value of service, teamwork, and commitment. The members of the 419th live by the same ideals in the service of their country, and they were happy and proud to host such a champion as Ted Ligety.

Stay connected with the 419th Fighter Wing via www.facebook.com/419fw or on Instagram @419fw Stay connected with Ted Ligety on Twitter @tedligety and on Instagram @ted_ligety


All photos and video by Chris Morgan, except for the aerial Go Pro footage provided by USAF/419FW/PA

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