Salad first. After many attempts, I learn to wait rather than like salad.

Just Hang it Up Not worth a buck. Not worth taking attention away from a Cold beer. “Scratch my back” said the feral cat

I learned patience while you ate salad after salad. I experienced relief when the butter cooled the corn. I ate with my mouth open to drown out your voice. Corn is my first favorite.

Your face was tired. A mountain man with a chainsaw . Lieing down was the only time your face held truth. I see now. "Moving mountains is something I'll not try again"

As the sky lowers and the rain appears. There are signs in the darkest places, the heavier the cloud the closer I've been to you. I no longer enjoy that pounding rain. The wet that never dries.

I run. Or did you leave? An unnamed road. Away from the foolish rabbit and ruffage. When the corn reaches you next run ... I pray to know my way this trip. I will remember that face and the way you made me wait while you ate and ate... Everything.

Beads n Breath n Death Hang it up Sometime best To just hang it up

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