Village stay in Vunisea, Fiji

A once in a life time experience

During my three weeks in Fiji I had the incredible opportunity to spent one week with a Fijian family in Vunisea. Vunisea is Fiji's most southernness island and is accessible by ferry or flight. After my arrival via ferry (8hrs) the head of the family, Filipo, picked me up with his little boat and we cruised to his village. Life is very easy going and living standards are low. Meaning, no electricity, no internet, no tv and simple living conditions. But all this doesn't effect the people at all. They are happy and life live to it's fullest.

I took this picture from my bed. It is the living room and at the same time the kids, and for one week my, bedroom

My private beach for one week

Everybody is extremely relaxed. Even the dogs

Simple houses

Beautiful flowers everywhere

The shower

Shower view

My bed

Coconuts are the main ingredients

Preparing dinner

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