Since leaving the work world, I decided to set up a home base in different parts of the globe. One of those places is Hawaii. I love these islands, both the people and the landscapes. My favorite hobby post-MySpace is photography, so here are some shots I've taken from my new home.

From Kauai, the oldest Hawaiian isle.

A bamboo forest on Maui

The heaviest rainfall on earth happens in these Kauai mountain peaks. Waterfalls are constant, even while it's sunny on the beach just a few miles away.

Minimal light pollution and clear skies makes the summits of Big Island a prime spot for astronomy research.

This is a long exposure of the Super Moon over Chinaman's Hat on Oahu.

You see rainbows here just about every day. This is overlooking Honolulu.

Friday night Fireworks in Waikiki.

Secret spot on Oahu :-)

It's considered good luck to come across a turtle. I've been lucky many times :-)

Lanikai on Oahu is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 beaches in the world.

Surfing was invented here and is still a huge part of the local culture.

There's very few places you can walk right up to lava. There's active flow on the Big Island, the real show is when you catch it pouring into the ocean.

Big Island lava flow. Truly incredible!

You can almost always count on an incredible sunset to end the day. Aloha!

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