Apple Week

It was a huge week for #apple with the launch of the #iphone6 and the #iphone6plus. Unofficial estimates range from 7 to 10 million units sold in the first weekend. At #steller, we had great #iphonefriday when we saw that Steller is now pre-installed on all demo phones in all Apple Stores!

Steller pre-installed on the demo phones in Apple Retail Stores.

Everyone was loving Steller at the Apple Store in #soho #nyc

NYPD loving Steller on an iPhone 6 Plus

Being a part of #iphonefriday was great. I love my new #iphone6. The best part of Apple Week for me wasn't the phone... It was taking a road trip to Fishkill Farms for a Sunday of apple picking with @cindy, @lkvsky, @kurt, and of course Butter.

Fishkill Farms

Most people were trying to decide between an iPhone6 or an iPhone6+. @kurt was trying to decide between a macintosh or a macoun.

Fishkill Farms is about an hour drive from Manhattan. Much more than just an Apple Orchard.

Meet Butter


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