Diving Silfra


The "Silver Lady" remains unfrozen all year around and the water is so pure, you can drink it as you swim.




The weight of the dry suit, BC, tank, weights, and massive camera housing can put your heart under a lot of pressure. Especially for the walk back.

This is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge! Upon entering the water, you will be able to touch both the Eurasian and North American Continental Plates at the same time. They are still moving today at about 5 inches per year.

Camera Setup Shutter: 1/60-150 Aperture: f/4-8 ISO: 200 While swimming, long slow kicks are the key along with slow breathing.




45 minutes is how long the dive will take. Even with a dry suit on, it's unbelievably cold!



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  • Chandra

    Beautiful images, & interesting facts--thank you!

  • brian

    @ChadCopeland | Unbelievable, the adventures you take are so inspiring, thank you for sharing : )

  • ChadCopeland

    @Chandra -Silfra is such an amazing place to be! All of Iceland is so inspiring!

  • ChadCopeland

    @brian -I'm getting restless again... I need a new adventure! Haha... Thanks mate!

  • starshapedstars

    Funny that you mention how cold it is: right before I saw that part of the story I thought "brrrrr... That sounds chilly" ❄️❄️❄️ beautiful story! I love this app. Thanks for introducing me to it 👍👏👌


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