Get on the ferry, we've got big plans. Doughnuts first. Some retail therapy. Chihully. Space Needle.

The world's greatest doughnut: The TOP POT Sandcastle. Fried Chocolate cake with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar.

All Saints. Black, gray, beige. Beaucoup dollars.

Chihully Museum. Transcendent color experience

A display of Pendleton blankets proved a welcome compliment and counterpoint to the glass

The Space Needle for lunch. 360 degrees of glorious views. And a charming host to temper the estrogen fest.

From the top of the needle we watched these amphibians bank at impossible angles into splash landings. In my next lifetime I will pilot this plane.

Pike Place Market. Landmark and Legend.

Sunday Breakfast

The famous graffiti wall

The wall of chewing gum. I swear I could smell all the flavors.

Last stop before the airport.

Good-bye #Seattle. You are so lovely you make My spirit soar.

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