Two weeks ago Lucas took the boys to a roller skating party. While on his new roller blades he took a fall and while trying to avoid hurting Milo, landed awkwardly on his right hand. Last night, he finally saw a doctor. As it turns out his thumb was broken. He is way too tough for his own good!

Milo and I try to join Levi for lunch every week or so.

Eating with the first graders is so exciting!

Milo asked me to help him write this note then he carefully cut it out and brought it to Levi.

Scootering home from school. The weather has been so nice.

Silly Levi and his buddy Zach matched today.

Taking selfies is always entertaining.

Playing after school on the little hill next to school. Unbeknownst to me Levi brought Luke's jacket to wear.

He made a track that started in the great room and circled round to the kitchen.

I his my alarm (no small feat) when Milo proudly showed me his Diego. He explained that the red around Diego's mouth is frosting. I'm not sure why his eyes are pink.

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  • mombo

    such a nice story... hope the thumb heals!

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