Budapest By night

When she travels, more and more, Inez mails me her negatives unprocessed.

She doesn't trust airport X-rays. And I honestly think she's done with the photograph after the shutter fires. Making prints has never interested her.

So I've started to scan them myself, from the limited instructions she sends. Most of her handwritten notes have nothing to do with developing anyway.

Inez will travel to a city, collect what she needs, rent a studio, and make photographs of the city without leaving the studio.

In this case Budapest.

So I never get to see postcard pictures or Roman ruins but I'm also never confused about where she is or what she's seeing.

We hardly ever speak about her travel images, but once I asked about her intense shadows and what they stood for. And she said, completely confused, They stand for shadows. The way I stand for you.

Inez also fights the new century -- she doesn't own a mobile phone and has close to zero digital footprint. I think I'm her main point of contact in the States just because my PO box hasn't changed in 7 years.

She hasn't been home to visit us in a long time, so I've started hanging her images around the house. When friends come over they recognize her and we exchange any letters or information we've received. Which is usually none. But this is obviously how she wants it. And I always end up jealous, actually. That I'm not the one out there. That I've built my life so I can have a cat. Instead of a passport so thick you close it with a rubberband.

All images courtesy Inez Walker