Creating a Succulent Garden

In a sudden bout of restlessness, I decided to begin a long dreamt of project:

A succulent garden

A small dirt area behind our back door seemed like the perfect place. It gets plenty of sun and we pass by it every day.

It took a while for us to break up the dirt and remove the rocks buried under the weeds.

A recipe for succulent soil: Equal parts of Organic cactus compost Generic potting soil Sand

Choosing plants was the fun part!

Black Hens and Chicks

Elephant Bush

Gold Tooth Aloe

Perle Von Nurnberg

Pork and beans

Golden Sedum or "California Sunset"

My dog Trevor enjoyed watching us throughout the whole process.

I saved some of the cuttings and leaves that fell off in order to propagate them later. All these will (hopefully) root and grow baby plants in a few weeks!

I even found a perfect little pot for one of the sprouts that separated from its parent.

Progress Progress Progress

Almost done! Last step: fill with gravel

Mission Complete

Play in the dirt Because life is too short To always have clean fingernails.

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