My Bread Stories:: Is about about my journey and passion for making bread. My discoveries along the way working with different ingredients & textures. Bread is something quite remarkable as it fills my home with this beautiful scent and it fills me with happiness and content.

{my class}

Spending one Sunday afternoon at "Goldhahn & Sampson"learning more about making bread.

Our teacher Sebastian

s o u r d o u g h Get started by putting 50g starter, 250g fine spelt groat, 250g water & 5g salt together. Mix well and let it rest over night in your fridge.

... to keep the moisture in your Spelt Wholewheat bread you bring 150 g water to the boil and add 75g medium ground rye groat. Prepare at the same time as your sourdough and let rest over night.


{little trick}

Now mix your sourdough and rye groat mixture you have prepared the day before with 250g spelt flour, 100g water & 6g salt.

To make 2 small loaves (about 370g each) divide in two portions and role in spelt bran, place in an olive oil layered tin and let rest for 2hrs in a cozy warm place.

b a k e at 220C for 15mins then lower the heat to 190C and bake for another 40mins. Switch off the heat and let your bread rest for about 20mins before taking it out.


...i hope you like this chapter from my Bread Stories.


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