Barney rushed to the door suspecting his pizza delivery had arrived. He always orders from Luigi's. They have the best tasting deliverers.

You could say that Norbert had a green thumb, but the truth is he doesn't have a thumb of any color .

Well, it could be worse. It's better to have a plant-eating dinosaur in your house than the other kind.

Velociraptors have evolved a special claw for quickly forwarding lame jokes by e-mail.

Sophia and Blossom are ravenous for a slice of their mom's primordial pie. The tender crust gives way to a slug-like ooze.

T . Rex gets all the attention, but palaeontologists know the spinosaurus made crustless cucumber sandwiches faster than any other land animal.

Despite being 16 feet tall young Bruna has to eat at the kid's table.

All of Ollie's tricks are old-school, mainly from the sinemurian stage of the early Jurassic period.

Not a creature was stirring, except two tons of festive T. Rexes.

I hoped you enjoyed this look into the lives of domestic dinos. You will find some more pictures made in a similar spirit here: www.wildlifeprints.etsy.com

Photos by Jeff Friesen

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