Take me to the mothership. Normandy, August 2014

Theoretically, we were going on a trip to Mont Saint-Michel...

But my and everyone's favourite maker of classic striped cotton sailor tops or marinières, Saint James, has a flagship store very close to Mont Saint-Michel. We headed there first.

But there was no stock except an unopened delivery and the staff was not very interested in either opening it or helping us. We left, empty handed.


Undeterred, we headed straight to the horse's mouth, to see Madame DuPont who had a shop selling Saint James in the eponymous town.

Unfortunately Madame DuPont had retired and her shop was shuttered. She had left a note on the door that there was a new Saint James boutique at its HQ.


It took some trial and error to find the industrial estate outside town. Then: reception, production, logistics... Boutique!

I was sure it would be closed as it was 6pm and the staff was vacuuming.

But they welcomed us into the mothership with open arms and there we found all the stripes you could ever desire.

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