Untamed Interiors

An exclusive look at wild living

Everyone knows you shouldn't wear white feathers after Labor Day, but this dirty duck is scrubbing up his down.

1970s disco camouflage.

No one will notice if Hugo takes one small bite of his sister's birthday cake...just one tiny bite!

The odd couple.

Behind the looking glass.

A typically well-appointed meerkat den found beneath the Kalahari Desert sand.

Oliver, who made a fortune in the tuxedo rental industry, owns the world's largest private aquarium.


A surreal interior by Smellvador Dali.

Some meerkat mods and their scooter garage.

Animal Planet can be useful for keeping track of old friends still living outdoors.

Betsy has no education in art, but she knows what she likes.

Being a grizzly bear scone shop owner has built-in marketing advantages.

Victorian furnishings are a nutty choice for messy squirrels.

This series was my first foray into toy photography, which at the time was a huge departure from my normal work. Untamed Interiors was inspired by watching my daughter play with her toys, especially her random mixing of toys with seemingly unrelated themes. You will find a lot more of this series here: www.wildlifeprints.etsy.com