Mt. Hood

Her majesty! An amazing mountain filled with all kinds of beauty and wonder. The most famous as of late are her ice caves.

The views coming up the mountain were amazing!

Enter the mouth of Snow Dragon. It was amazing to enjoy this amazing wonder. The hike was long, but the reward was worth it. Now to enjoy the first night!

The first night was absolute heaven. The sliver of moonlight stretched across the cave as I shot in silence shooting a timelapse. The lights of the city in the background.

The moonlight about to peak into the entrance of the cave.

Playing with lights is the best way to enjoy a dark ice cave. So much fun!

The following morning was magical watching Mt. Hoods shadow stretch across the rolling clouds below.

It was definitely a trip filled with discovery and adventure. It definitely puts things into perspective for me when visiting places like this. The power of water is extraordinary.