This past week I had the opportunity to visit amazing #Thailand again with @aris. This is my second visit and I can honestly say it's one of my favorite places to be and I can't wait to return again. Here's a few moments from one of the days last week that I'll always remember.

🍚 Delicious new tastes. 🍚

πŸ™ Spectacular unexpected sights. πŸ™

🐘 Meeting new friends! 🐘

🍀 More amazing tastes! 🍀

πŸ… Meeting more new friends! πŸ…

πŸ’₯ Making wishes for a bright future! πŸ’₯

🎻 Experiencing culture. 🎻

looking forward to another day in the life of


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  • thecookerywife

    Yeah, it was great, though I wish I could go back and tell my teenage self to just enjoy it. Isn't that the way of it though...

  • jaywilder

    Ha! Yeah it is! :) @thecookerywife

  • tschang

    Looks like you had fun in Thailand! I've never been but would really love to go!

  • PJKuhar

    You are so welcome @jaywilder

  • gabenamorado

    Awesome, man! Thanks for the repost.

  • brajohn1

    Lovely - I want to go!

  • Liesl

    So beautiful I had to read through and watch twice!

  • Blurosepixels

    Beautiful colors!

  • lamartamilanese


  • ChadCopeland

    Wow! People and cultures are so interesting in other countries!

  • starshapedstars

    I love this one! The elephants and the wishes! Very cool story. Makes me want to visit Thailand even more than I already did β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  • Pattyscake

    Beautiful shots of an amazing place. Love it.

  • straordinaria

    beautiful story, and great storytelling!

  • markettoz

    WOW!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • sternmanrule

    Woah. Thailand just bubbled up several notches on my travel list. I love how you integrated all the local sounds... it really brought the place to life.

  • eatcookrepeat

    I can't believe you can touch the tiger's ears?!?! And I will eat those shrimp heads if you don't. Thanks.

  • bethany_byrd

    I dream to go here!! Beautiful

  • karenseifert

    Thailand the best!

  • asiana_c

    One of my dream places to go!

  • nickz919


  • annaandretta

    I love Thailand! I have been there two years ago, and your pics makes me want to come here again! @jaywilder

  • jaywilder

    Me too @annaandretta! It such a marvelous place - I tell everyone they need to go! :)

  • jaywilder

    @asiana_c I hope you go sometime soon!

  • jaywilder

    @bethany_byrd I hope you get the chance to go sometime soon. I guarantee you will love it.

  • jaywilder

    @eatcookrepeat ha! I know - the tiger seemed content as long as you didn't bug him too much. I won't lie I was pretty nervous. And yes you can have the shrimp heads! Good for you!

  • jaywilder

    @sternmanrule you definitely need to go! The food is so much of the adventure too. It's the perfect mix of spicy, sweet and sour - all in one dish usually. It's an amazing place and those giant shrimp (or prawns) are totally the norm!

  • jaywilder

    @markettoz it's a great place that as you can see from my comments I tell everyone to visit! :)

  • jaywilder

    Thank you @jordanfoy @aris [me too] @saraboyer [so glad you enjoyed] @tschang [highly recommended, not too bad a flight from London :)] @g_enamorado [:)] @brajohn1 [you need to!] @liesl [so happy to hear that!] @Blurosepixels [it is very vibrant!] @chadcopeland [Thailand truly does have amazing culture] @starshapedstars [:) :) :)] @pattyscake [thank you!] @straordinaria [im so glad u liked it!]

  • wolfrize

    So beautiful! Can you please follow me ?! It would mean me a lot !

  • whitneypannell

    Hi Jay! I've hit 25 steller posts and can't post more . I went in and deleted 2 stories. Any suggestions?

  • jaywilder

    Hi @whitneypannell - Would you be able to send that same note to support[at]mombo.com? We'll see what's happening + get it taken care of :)

  • whitneypannell

    Yes! Thanks

  • asiana_c

    @jaywilder we'll see;D

  • tiffanylewis

    This is amazing @jaywilder I need to go here! I want to be friends with the animals!

  • minckco

    One of my favorite places in the world! Now I need to go back... If only for the sticky rice!

  • eli

    #pretty #epic! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  • janaroach

    Oh wow....love the videos & pictures. Would love to visit Thailand someday!

  • hautesucre

    Wow! This is beautiful!

  • printemshop

    Ahh so cool!

  • EnvisionLife

    @jaywilder I'm loving the Stellar world. I just joined recently to share some stories when I'm not in production, or behind the scenes. I'm a cinematographer for Paramount Studios out in LA. Your stories are amazing!

  • attilaadam_


  • mischiru

    Amazing! Wish I could visit one day!

  • jasonpdesign

    Loved going through your Steller books πŸ‘

  • kasia_piekut

    Thailand is such a beautiful county, I'm really happy to see you were also able to explore it.

  • Rebeccabdu

    I agree : Thailand, land of beauty And beautiful reportage πŸ‘‹

  • beyondcitylife

    That photo with the tiger is simply amazing! Tigers are my favorite animal

  • juz_me


  • radam2

    I love Thailand!

  • taniargg

    Hai @jaywilder could you tell me what place did you visited at thailand?? I want tou visit thailand too


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