A Starchy Intruder

We had left the window open. And in the morning, there he was.

Alert. Curious. And fresh out of the oven. We did not speak his language.

But his desire to learn could not be stopped.

He began by reading our books.

At first, Judy Rodgers.

Later, Bolaño.

He made fast friends with the cat.

Each as curious as the other.

And then discovered the web.

After just 5 hours of Reddit, this is how we found him.

We consulted his friend, the fig torte.

Who knew nothing.

We spoke with his priest, the chocolate sourdough.

Who gave us a clue by opening his heart.

In a full bisection, we were stunned to find his heart was made of gold.

And that he had been, in fact, too pure for our apartment.

So we ate him.

And felt fine.

Part of The Intruder played by The Rebel Within #stellerdayinthelife #craftsmenandwolves #sf #sanfrancisco #therebelwithin

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