Farmers Market

Lexington, Kentucky

Don't forget your cloth bags, your comfy shoes, your sunscreen. Don't forget your hunger, your curiosity, your adventure. Bring your hubby, your dog, your children. Don't forget to wake up early. The morning will be hazy, blooming into real heat, but the market is always worth it.

Start wandering.


Green beans sprawl, tomatoes ooze juice. The air smells green.



I eat a hot grape from the market,and the violet sweetness breaks open in my mouth. It even smells purple. -Frances Mayes

Flowers everywhere. Sometimes I can't help but stroke their vibrant faces, and lean close to inhale.

Don't resist.

The peaches

Captivate me. Their velvet skins are painted the colors of summer, they swoon together in baskets, they give lightly to the gentlest pressure of curious fingers.

Don't forget to enjoy the tomatoes. They are resplendent and swollen, all orange and green and gleaming red. Their smell is spicy, and green, melding with the scent of sausages and kettle corn.

A half dozen eggs is a must. These chickens were happy, clucking and shuffling about their large yard. The egg yolks will be vibrant yellow.

This food is blessed.

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