Hoi An was, and will always be my favorite locale in Vietnam. A relatively quiet town, it is brimming with vibrant colors, friendly people, and an endless stream of charm and character.

Allures of a bygone era, salivating at the thought of sampling the best bánh mì, and witnessing the fascinating architecture are all that attracted me to Hoi An in the first place.

When night falls, Hoi An is a completely different sight to behold-one that is awe inspiring tha you can't help but smile and bask in the bright colors of this delightful town.

TYPHOON NARI The last night in Hoi An, word broke that Typhoon Nari would make landfall by dawn. Coming from a country that's unaccustomed to typhoons, I just braced for the worst.

At its peak, Typhoon Nari was a Category 3 typhoon, causing widespread devastation.

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