Last of the Summer Fruit

{recipes from an Italian garden}


Roasted Plums with Ricotta & Thyme. halve & stone the fruit; toss in a pan with a sprinkling of brown sugar; roast in a medium oven for 15 mins 'til the juices run; sprinkle with fresh thyme & serve with chunks of ricotta.

Gocce D'Oro

Tr. (fruit) golden plums

Tr. (fruit) Venetian aubergine

Melanzane di Cavallino

Caponata with Sweet Raisins & Pinenuts. roughly chop fennel, courgette & aubergine; pan fry; in another pan, cook cherry tomatoes, chopped onion, capers, thyme, a little sugar & vinegar; take off the heat & mix with the fried vegetables, a handful of raisins, pinenuts & fresh basil.

Menta Selvatica

Tr. (herb) wild mint

Wild Mint, Basil & Lemon Granita. mix the juice of six lemons with four cups of water & sugar to taste; toss in a bunch of fresh mint & basil; let sit for a short while, then pour into a freezing container; freeze until solid, about 2-3 hours; blend roughly, just before serving.

Pesche Tabacchine

Tr. (fruit) persian peaches

Peaches in White Wine & Rose Water. combine equal amounts of white wine & sugar in a saucepan, add a dash of rose water and bring to the boil; simmer for a short while; peel, stone and quarter the fruit; add to the syrup & simmer uncovered for 15 mins; serve chilled.

Limoni del Giardino

Tr. (fruit) garden lemons

Lemon & Rosemary Risotto. cook a plain risotto; when the the rice is soaked in stock add the zest of four lemons & stir in the needles from two sprigs of rosemary; add more stock & once it has been absorbed, squeeze in the lemons' juice; serve with Parmesan.


Tr. (fruit) cherry tomatoes

Tomato, Burrata & Basil Salad. roughly chop tomatoes; toss on plate with torn Burrata & fresh basil; drizzle liberally with olive oil & add a little ground pepper.



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