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a small guide to the wisdom of stones


quartz + hematite

storm + earth

| a t t r i b u t e s | Grounding Manifestation Making the Spiritual Physical

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "Through my body, I ground the energies of the Light realm in this world."

| a few uses | spiritual: balancing, Earth connection emotional: optimism, strength, fortitude physical: strengthen blood, detox liver




| a t t r i b u t e s | Angelic Communication Access to Higher Dimensions Serenity

| a few uses | spiritual: open 3rd eye, clairvoyance emotional: calm, center, uplift mood physical: infection, metabolism, eyes

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I am a loving being in the fullness of serenity and inner truth, always in communion with my higher self & spiritual guides."


smoky quartz


| a t t r i b u t e s | Grounding Transmutes Negative Energy Practicality & Organization Manifestation of Dreams

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I am grounded and centered in my physical body, and I work step-by-step to achieve my goals."

| a few uses | spiritual: purify, protect, ground, receive emotional: helps engage the world if you feel out of place in the physical realm physical: sunburn, healing from exposure to electro-magnetic fields



wind & earth

| a t t r i b u t e s | Interdimensional Awareness Purifying Clairvoyance

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I open my mind and heart to awareness of the higher realms."

| a few uses | spiritual: vision, connect with higher self emotional: dispel "dark night of the soul" after a period of difficulty physical: infuse aura with light, understand purpose of disease




| a t t r i b u t e s | Insight Vision Intuition Intellect

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I open my mind to new vision, both inner and outer, as I expand my awareness."

| a few uses | spiritual: stimulate psychic powers, past-life recall, sense truth from lie emotional: understand root of fears, truthfulness physical: brain, head




| a t t r i b u t e s | Mental Clarity Improve Decision Making Clear Energy Field

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "My mind & heart are awake, alert, clear and active, working in unison to make the optimal choices for my life purpose."

| a few uses | spiritual: structure, focus, interpretation emotional: aids in thinking through emotions physical: nerve pain, learning & memorization, bones & teeth




| a t t r i b u t e s | Balance Energy Fields Emotional Healing Renew Strength, Confidence

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I create balance and harmony within myself as I go forward with the healing of my emotional body."

| a few uses | spiritual: activate aura, express energy creatively emotional: growth & healing, calm heart, release attachment to drama & ego physical: vitality, stamina, bones




| a t t r i b u t e s | Inner Peace & Relaxation Tranquility Interdimensional Travel Awakening the Heart

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "My mind and heart are at peace as I journey more and more deeply into the realms of spirit."

| a few uses | spiritual: channels soft, healing, peaceful energy against violence & chaos emotional: kindness, gentleness, non-reaction physical: mental illness, serotonin




| a t t r i b u t e s | Magic Protection

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I call forth the magic of higher awareness."

| a few uses | spiritual: psychic ability & protection, moving between realms, magic & ritual work emotional: uncovering destructive, unconscious beliefs physical: amplify healing prayers, reveal causes




| a t t r i b u t e s | Manifestation Personal Will Mental Clarity Creativity

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I open myself to the inspiration of my creative imagination, and through the strength of my will, aligned with Divine will, I manifest my dreams."

| a few uses | spiritual: marries mind with will emotional: lightens dark thoughts, optimism, playfulness, 2nd wind in difficult times physical: digestion, metabolism, energy


black tourmaline


| a t t r i b u t e s | Purification Protection

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I banish all negative attachments, within & without. I am purified, grounded and centered upon the earth.

| a few uses | spiritual: absorbs negative energies emotional: disengage from obsessive or compulsive behavior, relief from chronic worry & anxiety physical: purified body of toxins & waste




| a t t r i b u t e s | Protection Purification Divine Connection Release from Addiction

| a f f i r m a t i o n | "I am purified, uplifted and protected through my connection with the Divine."

| a few uses | spiritual: surrender, communion emotional: aids in seeing your part & power, comfort for those who feel they aren't native to the earth physical: counter addiction, nervous system

A note...

These are just a few stones from my personal collection & notes from my favorite reference book. In composing this, I come to know my own stones more intimately. Remember that matter isn't what it seems, nor stones so still. Rather they vibrate with sacred geometry, protons & electrons atremble.

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E M B R A C E the unknown

S O U R C E The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

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