It's almost 10pm and I can't help but wonder about aging. Yes, in 11 days is my birthday and I'll be 30. Thirty 30 What a number! Feels like lots and at the same time, feels like the beginning of a new era. You see, now I believe I had the experience (love and work, mostly) but still have a bit of young and rebellious type of personality. I still dream of going to Glastonbury and Coachella in the next 5 years. Anyways, to make things short, September is a special month for me and for many is a chance to start over. New resolutions, new goals, ventures and adventures. Whatever it is, you must pursue it because if it makes you happy then you are on the right track. Good night and let's start fresh this month! For me personally, it's the perfect time to follow my professional projects. Xoxo

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