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s i m p l e

Use old jars & jugs, flowers cut fresh from the garden & foraged greenery.

Step 1

Measure the height of your flowers against the vase before cutting the stems. TIP: Cut the stems to different heights to give depth to the posy.

c o l o u r

Keep to one colour & use lots of different kinds of flower. Or just the one kind, in all the colours of the rainbow.

Step 2.

Use foliage to build the structure of your arrangement. Then, nestle in the flowers. TIP: Use different kinds of leaves, greenery & small branches to create a beautiful posy.

s c e n t

Always choose seasonal flowers. Roses in summer. Snowdrops in winter.

Step 3.

Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle to help the flowers drink. & strip off all the leaves below the water line so that the water stays clean. TIP: to help the flowers live longer, add a sterilising tablet to the water & change it every few days.

- Hans Christian Andersen

'Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom & a little flower.'


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