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Of Province Apothecary

My name is Julie Clark and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist and the founder of Province Apothecary. I love making food, my boyfriend is the most amazing cook I know so we make get very excited about food and love going to the farmers market and making delicious things together!! I also love reading. Most of them are holistic health books, aromatherapy and business books. I use to do styling and costume design so I am trying to get back into sewing. I want to make some new beach clothes- long dresses and flowing tops! We also try and get out of the city as often as we can and enjoy nature. I love going for runs in the woods!



I studied holistic health and aromatherapy at a school in Toronto. After living in New York doing styling and costume I was having so many skin problems. I was trying to make stuff at home for about 3 years reading books and it wasn’t working so I went to take the course.

I started the company thinking I would source everything from Canada. That’s not happening because it really is impossible. Each product has about 2 or 3 ingredients from Canada and then the rest are from around the world.

It’s important to use organic and wild-crafted materials. It’s impossible to get all of the ingredients organic- So part of our company’s motto is to give back to the local farmers to support them and organic farming.

A lot of clients always ask me how I stay so energized and happy. It’s because I love what I do and it’s forever changing. No one walks in with the same skin conditions and everyday at Province Apothecary is different and exciting.


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