Mount Timpanogos Wilderness

Abatement of Eastern Blackness

It begins in the blue luminescence of your headlamp; the world you experience comes to your perception a few feet at a time. The chirps of squirrels and the rustle of deer and moose always seem closer than reality. Slowly, as the night fades, the frost thaws and the eastern sky begins to bleed it's photons ever more steadily upward. The world gently expands beyond the soft bubble of your headlamp, with peaks and ridgelines and trees standing out in stark blackness against the coming of the dawn. It is here that your pulse quickens—you want to gain as much elevation as you can before the sunrise. As the pink-orange glow paints the massif above you, its steady march toward you marks the end of the night.

Giant Staircase at sunrise.

Racing across the sky along the top of the Mount #Timpanogos massif is an experience unlike anything else in Utah.



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