wild carrot

Story of a beautiful summer flower

Very much beloved Daucus carota perhaps because of its simpliciter, perhaps because it is associated with large meadows or for the lightness of its shape that looks like a lace.

Daucus carota

called wild carrot

In English it’s called Queen Anne’s Lace, among the many legends, the most likely one traces the origin of the curious name to the Queen Anne, when, preparing a lace, she pricked her finger and a drop of blood fell.

Looking right in the center of Daucus carrot you can see a small red flower that represents the blood of the Queen, nature has placed the sterile flower to attract pollinators, but it is the white lace around it that fascinates and conquers.

In the Garden

Also known as wild carrot, the plant was used in the old Victorian gardens as in the romantic English cottage garden.

A favorite of those who love the Shabby chic style, it’s easy to grow in the garden and is also suitable for the compositions for the house, mixed with other flowers or as only protagonist.

At home

Cut the flowers early in the morning when the sun has dried the dew and put them in fresh water

I created the botanical watercolor of Daucus carota, If you want to print www.aboutgarden.it

View more inspirations on my blog www.aboutgarden.it

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