\ˈsäl\ Light and dark. Polar opposites that require many shades of bending and blending to reach either end of the spectrum. The day night cycle of Sol (our sun) follows this practice. Like the rising and setting of a sun, our lives and personalities find themselves in the same such dance. Between light and dark, the Soul finds itself. We transform as we grow, and every new experience either drives us closer to light or dark. Some need to experience true darkness before they realize the importance of the light. Others shine brightly to lead the way for others. What side do you find yourself on?

SOL Photography - Derek Heisler Model - Patience Silva Creative Direction - Derek Heisler Assistant CD - Bekka Gunther Wardrobe Design - Derek Heisler and Bekka Gunther Makeup - Marissa Vossen Location - Santa Clarita, Califorina #style #creative

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