Meet the California dream team behind one of LA's biggest budding brands...

Hi! My name is Raissa Gerona. I’m the Co-Founder of Lovers + Friends. I was born in the Philippines, moved to L.A. when I was 7 and have lived here since. I LOVE LA- everything about it.. even the driving! I value my family, friends, the importance of hard work and surrounding yourself with people who love and support you. I love to eat and travel and enjoy doing Bar Method to stay fit and sane!

L+F has gone through so much growth in 3 years. I guess I never thought that it would grow as quickly as it did. We started out as having 8 styles in our first collection and now we have over 100 per season and introducing exciting things like jersey and denim.

My goals and ideals have shifted A LOT as I’ve gotten older because I’ve learned to let go of things. The moment I focused on my strengths and established a team I could trust to do an even better job than I could at certain things, the better for the entire company!

I’m Glori and I’m Marketing Coordinator for L+F. I’m an old soul – My life consists of beautiful hikes, endless beach days, spontaneous road trips and Sunday fleas!

Exploration is key in the life of a Lovers + Friends girl. We are early morning risers and late night explorers!

My friends and I love grabbin’ a bite to eat at the Old Place in Malibu then getting lost on hikes. On Saturday nights, it’s fun to get groovy on Soul Night at the Echo! It’s my job to try and capture these awesome moments for unique content on our social media channels.

I’m [Breanna Warner] and I am the Marketing Manager for Lovers + Friends. I’m always seeking an adventure. My boyfriend and I road trip in his VW van up and down the coast, I love the outdoors, the sun, the ocean and sometimes not knowing where we will end up is the best part. I enjoy a good book, strong coffee, healthy eats and strong drinks. But most of all, my family and friends and the ranch I grew up on. I’m really just a country girl in the big city.

I feel so lucky to be a part of a brand that is filled with great co-workers and friends and such dedicated, creative souls! The L+F community and its followers have grown so much over the past few years, its really special to be able to see your hard work pay off.

We are all about Los Angeles. This is our home, our city, our playground, our inspiration and we are full of pride. This city just keeps giving.

My name is Tiffany and I am an Associate Designer for L+F. I am from the Palm Springs area and now living in Los Angeles. I moved here at 18 and attend art school for my BFA. I knew from an early age I wanted to work in the fashion industry and started interning for a local magazine at age thirteen. From there I assisted backstage fashion shows, photographers, a PR company, a couture house, a jewelry designer then eventually came to L+F, my first design job. I am the oldest employee in the design department at LF but actually the youngest in age, go figure. I love to hike, exercise and explore new parts of LA on the weekends.

One element about my style is colorful! I love prints and color, I feel rebellious if I wear all black, which is fun on a rare occasion too. That is what I would say is most consistent with my daily dressing. My personal style is relatively girly as well, with having a lot of dresses in the mix.

My name is Aimee Santos and I am a designer for Lovers + Friends. Outside of L+F, I run a style and DIY blog called SwellMayde. I’ve always loved teaching friends how to make things, from jewelry to clothing, and now, with the blog, it’s amazing to have the opportunity to share my tutorials with a wider audience.

I started my career as a designer over 5 years ago, after graduating from Otis College of Art and Design and studying abroad at Central Saint Martins. Personally, with age and experience, I have refined my own design aesthetic. I love designing pieces that are not only fashion forward and on trend, but also will make a girl feel confident and sexy.

I have learned so much about myself since starting, such as how important it is for me to design for a company where I am completely in love with it’s design aesthetic. I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing and talented team.

Hi there! I am Andrea Fong but you can call me Dre as most people do. I’m a LA native, a newlywed, a Kale lover, a Wanderluster, a music enthusiast, an aspiring calligrapher and a Domestic Goddess-in-training. I live for hosting dinner parties, blasting Jazz, and serving up the finest charcuterie spread with white wine spritzers. And though I enjoy decorating and making my home surroundings cozy, the inner Diva in me just can’t help but tear up the dance floor when Queen Bey comes on. Eat well, Dance often.

As the Director of Production Operations, I can tell you, there’s never a dull moment in Production. Everyday there’s a new challenge and timing is everything. What I love most is coming to work and seeing what the daily challenge will be and how to solve it with my team.

I love how L+F is an extension of LA. Whether you live here or not, I feel that L+F speaks to everyone who wants a look into our bright culture, whether it be in our prints, colors or design details.

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