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My name is Dee [Larsen], I’m 26 years old, and an LA transplant from the SF East Bay Area. What I value most in my life are people. I surround myself with friends who are inspiring, driven, and hard-working. I value people who are never complacent, and are constantly looking to improve themselves and the world around them. I like to get my hands dirty, and I value a person who puts in work. There’s inspiration everywhere, and it’s up to us to find and share it. The great thing about Nasty Gal is it’s an inclusive community, and it rejects the elitist sentiment we usually associate with fashion.

I’d say my favorite line from #GIRLBOSS is “Creativity in Everything”. It’s important not to stagnate when you’re in a creative atmosphere, and when I’m not at work I’m constantly evolving myself in different creative outlets.

I still draw, paint, travel, and take photos whenever I’m not at work. I bring that with me to Nasty Gal everyday.

I’m Houman, and I work as a Buying + Merchandise Assistant at Nasty Gal. I enjoy anything visual, being active, and I have a sweet spot for good cookies. Making music mixes, dancing and good conversations are everything to me. Living and experiencing the past is intangible and therefore obsessing about it is inevitable.

Nostalgia is irrelevant when it comes to the aesthetic, unless it is something we have actually experienced and can refer to in our memory. However, inspirations from the past are absolutely a part of our aesthetic.

We find babes, icons, muses of the past and use them as models to reinvent styles, with our spin to it, that we know The Nasty Gal will obsess over. After experiencing these outfits, then nostalgia plays in.

[I'm Simone Gray and I am a Social Media Associate here at Nasty Gal] I am a musician trapped in a completely tone-deaf body. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Palm Springs. I’m fairly certain I was Frank Sinatra in my past life. If I could hang around a golf course, drink bloody mary’s all day and then croon swingin’ jams all night (all in Palm Springs of course) I would be set. Luxuriating – that’s what I value in life.

We are all customers of Nasty Gal – we subscribe to the Nasty Gal lifestyle so the voice reaches our customers on a very personal level. It’s kind of like, what came first? The chicken or the egg?

Nasty Gal is incredible because this company has collected amazing people around and given them almost 100% carte blanche to contribute what we personally think is cool. Our customers are cool, so we’re just having a conversation with them.

My name is Nick Rivera and I’m a stylist here at Nasty Gal. I grew up in a small town south of San Francisco and, because of suburban boredom, I’ve always sought out the world and what’s happening in it. Whether it be an art piece, a new film, or a destination that shifts my perspective, there is nothing more gratifying to me then the ‘a-ha moment’ of being truly inspired. The real world is a fantasy in itself and I embrace it! I’m a firm believer that a good stylist needs to know a lot of information, and I am not just talking about a bunch of clothes!

I started working for Nasty Gal at the age of 20 and there were probably 4 employees at the time. Working with our small team early on definitely introduced me to some insanely talented people who I learned a lot from...

I had a lot of really great mentors who planted great seeds in my brain and I’ve been running with it since. I am fortunate to have spent such formative years working with the coolest people around!

My name is Val and I head up talent relations here at Nasty Gal. Outside of Nasty Gal I love spending quality time with my boyfriend, friends and family. I enjoy being outside and staying active, whether running or hiking, going to the beach or the mountains–I pretty much love every opportunity I get to engage in a fun activity or to simply get out of town! It keeps me balanced. I value a healthy work life balance. And of course, there is no better therapy than shopping. None.

The attitude of the Nasty Gal brand. Redefining the ‘rules’ and learning all about our customer. Also the awesome people I meet and the team I work with everyday. Like every true #GIRLBOSS, I know what I want and go after it.


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