Ice Cream Scoop

what you need: >ice cream scoop >copper tubing – 1/2″ diameter >driftwood >saw >grinder >tubing cutter >drill >knife >glue >clear polyurethane

how to do it: Cut the handle off of the old scoop, making sure to cut right below the metal piece that goes part way inside the handle. Remove the remaining part of the handle from the metal piece – we did this by cutting with a saw and using a grinder. (It may be easier to get your handle off if it’s not a good quality ice cream scoop…) Next, if needed, cut your copper tubing to size (ours is about 3/4″ long – make it about the same length as the metal piece at the end of the scoop) using the tubing cutter. If needed, cut the driftwood to size. Drill a hole in the top of the driftwood - making it as deep as the metal piece at the end of the scoop. Whittle the end of the driftwood so the copper tube can fit over the end. Glue the copper tube onto the driftwood. Once that glue is dry, glue the scoop into the handle. Let that glue dry, then apply a few coats of clear polyurethane to the driftwood and copper, following the directions on your paint can. Let dry, wash and go scoop some ice cream!

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